East Boston: Your Neighbors
Learn more about your new neighborhood and its residents. Explore the local area's best restaurants, attractions, schools, views and more! It's here that you'll learn more about the charmingly warm backdrop of this family-oriented community. Keep checking back for updates as we'll be posting more news and images from featured locations of our wonderful city.

"The Best Zip Codes"
by Matt Mahoney, Boston Globe Magazine, March 16, 2008

"...Where neighbors are smart, restaurants are plentiful, commuting is easy, and, best of all, home values are still strong... East Boston, 02128, is ranked 14th out of 200 other zip codes among the best areas to live in Massachusetts."

East Boston rolls out the welcome (back) mat
Renovated factory and other projects allow more from the old neighborhood to go home
By Kate M. Jackson, Boston Globe Correspondent | January 29, 2006

Jo Ann Fitzgerald was delighted to find that, sometimes, you can go home again. Like others who have moved back to East Boston, Fitzgerald returned to a neighborhood that, despite some dramatic changes, remains very much the same. In the local markets, for example, mothers still yell at their kids in their native tongues. But the language today is often Spanish, not Italian.

On the squares, Salvadoran and Brazilian restaurants mingle with old-school Italian eateries and specialty grocery stores that are part bodega, part salumeria.

On the streets, the triple-deckers remain, but some are now luxury condominiums.

Fitzgerald may be in an early wave of former East Boston residents who are returning home, whether to downsize from a larger place, invest in a hot real estate market, or simply return to a city life they've missed.

''The neighborhood's more accessible now," said Larry Army, a mortgage broker for Sunset Mortgage in Framingham who has helped baby boomers in the western suburbs move back to the city. ''There is already less tunnel traffic and there will be a lot more green space" once the East Boston Greenway nearby is completed. ''And let's face it, there's simply more to do in Boston than in Andover or Southbridge."

Which old House? PBS chooses among Four
By Erica Noonan, Boston Globe Staff | March 19, 2006

The venerable renovation show chooses from a shortlist of four to find its next fixer-upper. Will it be Arlington, Lexington, EAST BOSTON, or Stow??? Following the exhaustive search This Old House chooses the two-family house on St. Andrews Road in EAST BOSTON. The home is located steps away from the waterfront and was built in 1916 and has a strong family history. Renovations were completed and aired in 2006.

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